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Welcome To Laal Meat

Laal Meats is a standard meat shop business that will be located in Karachi. We will be offering our various customers quality cuts of meat as well as other services in order to expand our offering to our target market. Our vision is to ensure that we supply our customers with the highest quality of meats according to their specification, whilst also becoming the preferred butchery/meat shop for all the customers here in Karachi and we have laid down plans and structures to enable us achieve this feat. Our facility is one that is up to standard as we not only abide by the industry’s regulations but have a high standard which we have set in order to ensure that we offer fair business practices and are known for that. We have secured permits from the relevant departments in order to achieve this. We are willing to the extra mile as a company to ensure that we build a solid business structure where we can hire the best professionals who are competent enough to come and work for us. These professionals also know what it means to run a business from ground up to prominence and are willing to do all it takes to ensure this happens. We will ensure that we strategize on publicity and promotion packages in order to ensure that create the right awareness in the minds of our customers and positively project our image to prospective and existing customers as well as other industry stakeholders. We intend to ensure that we pay our employees adequately so that they could remain committed and motivated to see us attain our objectives. We have other welfare packages in mind that will allow us not enhance our workers but allow them increase productivity for our business as well. We know how valuable our customers are and to this effect, we intend to ensure that we pay the utmost attention to the needs of our clients.

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In the situation where everyone is lockdown for their own safety, we offer online Qurbani Services with following complete SOPs.
When you book your #Qurbani with #LaalMeat, we will take care of everything from the purchasing of the animal to the Slaughtering, Packaging and Delivering of Meat. Details will be soon available stay tune to our page.
If you think coming to the #Laalmeat’s shop isn’t an option for you, our team is ready to serve you fresh meat of Qurbani at home! Simply connect with us on messenger or whatsapp 03182255152 to Book your Qurbani.